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Note:  see below for Instructions on how to use these documents.

Event Request Process

Event Request Process Flow Chart Step-by-step 'picture' describing how/when to submit the appropriate forms for your event
Event Planning Guide Required for all Events.  General information about your Event.  Must be approved before your can proceed with an event.
NHHK Ministry Facility Set-up Request Required if your Event will be held at the Ministry Center.
Announcement & Ministry Table Request Required if you want your Event promoted during Sunday Services via an Announcement and/or a Ministry Table after the services.
On-line Registration Request Required if you want participants to register on-line for your Event.
Video Request Required if you need the Video Ministry to produce a Promotional and/or Recap video for your Event.
Audio & Visual Setup Request Required if your Event will need audio and visual resources (equipment & personnel).
Levites Request Required if you need furniture setup/take down assistance for your Event.
Post-Event Evaluation Required for all Events.  Summary of how your Event went, so that subsequent events might be planned even more successfully!

Other Forms

Authorization for Payment Required if you need reimbursement for expenses.  (Note: this is in a  spreadsheet format.)
Deposit Worksheet Required for listing Cash, Coins & Checks to be deposited in the bank.  (Note: this is in a spreadsheet format.)
Servant Interview Questionnaire A 'get to know you' form used by our Ministries.
Background Check Form For use by Admin & Staff.


  • Most forms are in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf).  If you do not have the appropriate software, please download to your device prior to using them
  • Download the form to your device
  • Open the form from your DOWNLOAD FOLDER, then:
    • ENTER the requested information on your device, SAVE IT, and ATTACH IT to an email to the address indicated at the top of the form, OR
    • PRINT the form, and HANDWRITE the requested information, and SUBMIT IT to the Ministry Center