Kokua Center

Kōkua means: To extend help to others in a sacrificial way, with no intent of personal gain

The church isn't a building it's the people

At New Hope Hawaii Kai we have always been a place that you can call home. It's in times like these where that matters more than ever. As a church we want to try and meet the needs we can and network with our members and community partners to meet the needs that we can't. In the coming days and weeks you may need extra cleaning supplies, meals cooked or groceries delivered and we want to help if we can.

Below you'll see two buttons. One is to request help for yourself or someone else and the other is to be the help that someone might need. We want to try and meet the needs we can in our community with the incredible people in our community.

We may not be able to do everything but we can definitely do something.

If you would like to help meet needs/requests click below

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