Life Groups

Growing in Christ Together

Why Join a Life Group?

Life Groups at New Hope Hawaii Kai are great places to connect and to grow. The purpose of these groups is to be an ’Ohana with a cause - to be a place where people:

  • Grow spiritually
  • Grow relationally
  • Care for each other
  • Explore purpose in life

We believe every member should commit to a lifestyle of consistent spiritual growth with honest accountability.

A genuine love for God is always the first priority. Every Christian should yearn for continual spiritual growth. Therefore, discipleship through Life Groups, accountability, and open honesty is critical to maturing in our faith. (Mark 12:29-31; Acts 2:44-47; 1 Peter 2:2; 1Timothy 4:7, 8; Proverbs 27:17)

What Life Groups Do We Offer?

Life Devotional Groups

Two to ten people who meet to read the Bible together, write their Journals and share their devotions with the group.

Care Groups

Groups of 3 – 20 people who meet generally in a home but also meet at places outside the home. These groups have prayer, fellowship and Bible Study. They may use resources like DVD teachings or Spiritual Growth type books.

Affinity Groups

These groups include sports groups, hobby groups – any group that has a common affinity and passion. We ask these groups to include prayer, sharing devotions because 80 plus percent of their time is focused on their affinity.

Interested in joining or starting a Life group?

If you are interested in joining, or starting a Life Group let us know! Email us at: